DJ Rob E

DJ Rob E



Another strong FL track that’s sure to be making waves on dancefloors nationwide is DJ Rob E’s latest, “Moonglide.” The original breakbeat mix is a sturdy formation that has a somber keyboard feel to it. While it’s standard fodder for underground DJs it’s just a hint of what the remix offers. On the flip AGH aka Andy Hughes digs into his memory banks to come up with a digital blend his own, “The Secret Sauce Mix.” Its slow intro brings us a dubbed downbeat until it drops into a thumping four to the floor str8beat. I don’t want to spoil the breakdown for you so you’ll have to visit your local record store and hear what I’m talking about. A great effort from some of the South’s hardest working djs and producers. Phattraxx, P.O. Box 916339, Longwood FL 32791

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