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DLR Band

DLR Band


So I look at the cover and it’s a picture of Betty Page with an American flag in the background. Nothing special, it’s probably just a bunch of “rockers” who’ve finally put together that album they said they would back in 1983… In the CD player it goes… Hmmm… Yeah, it rocks, but there’s something very familiar about the singer’s voice. And the guitars shred. This is too good to be some aging bar band’s first shot at original music. Let’s see, produced by wawazat!!, Nope, don’t know what that is, photography by, nope, don’t know her, cover concept by David Lee Roth, OK, art direction by… Wait a minute! DAVID LEE ROTH?!

Yep! Diamond Dave is back with his “D. L. R.” Band, and this is one heck of a great hard-rockin’ album. It’s all “Bottom’s Up” style rock, with a dreamy surf kicker at the end (“Black Sand”). The songs are about girls (“Blacklight”), girls (“Lose the Dress (Keep the Shoes)”), girls (“Weekend with the Babysitter”), girls and guns (“King of the Hills), and some strange tunes (“Little Texas,” “Slam Dunk,” and “Relentless”) that most likely are aimed at a couple of brothers near and dear to Dave’s heart.

This album is for all you real rockers and rollers who never surrendered the spandex. wawazat!! Records, inc., 11288 Ventura Blvd. #430, Studio City, CA 91604.

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