Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa

Mystery Disc


This release of rarities dishes up a good collection of music that personifies Frank’s career. A good portion of this CD contains tracks that came from a lot of Frank’s low-budget movie scores and rock operas. If you are familiar with the Mothers of Invention’s 1968 LP Ahead of their Time, then you will understand a lot of what this disc represents. Some of the highlights are “Charva,” “Speed Freak Boogie,” which showcases FZ’s amazing guitar playing, and “Black Beauty.” The last displays the MOI’s talent as a band and more of FZ’s guitar playing and amazing talent as a songwriter.

I still find it hard to believe that FZ is no longer here. His music represented a diversity of styles and talent that you will not find anywhere today, and unfortunately, may never find again. Frank was alternative years before there was alternative. Mystery Disc is jaw-dropping when you consider a lot of it was written, recorded, and performed in the ’60s! Absolutely brilliant.

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