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Does anyone remember the glorious days of Front 242? Does anyone remember the days when we called them 242? Those are the days I miss. I was fortunate enough to catch the “Lollyloser” tour when they were on the bill, as well as the tour following it. If you saw the set at Lollapalooza, then you will either want to remember it or want to forget it. Live Code is that exact set list, if memory serves me correctly. I can enjoy it for the nostalgic nature, but “Welcome to Paradise” really does blow it all for me. What made it a brilliant song years ago were the samples. “Hey poor! You don’t have to be poor anymore!” Unfortunately, when sung live, the samples are buried in the mix, and I feel cheated. They’re back together again and out on tour. If you get a chance, and haven’t seen them before, it’s worth the ticket price at least to at see something that probably isn’t going to happen again. Proper Sales and Distribution, 7 West 22nd Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10010

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