Hemisphere EP

Quantum Loop

Drop by and set your ears on trance. You’re going to have to sit for a bit to truly grasp the nature of Hemisphere with this one. We’re wandering aimlessly between the rooms contemplating why such good music never gets the respect it deserves. Have you ever walked into your local CD shop and picked out something based solely on the cover or the sticker affixed to the front? That’s what I did here, and I’m still stunned. San Francisco is the home to some of the most active electronica in the country, and it’s the home of Quantum Loop. Listen closely, everyone. I am tired of the same old same-old in this genre, and when something like this comes along, I don’t take it lightly. We NEED more style, flavor, and intelligence. It’s all I was asking for when I pressed play, and I got ten times the return. Quantum Loop Productions, P.O. Box 170100, San Francisco, CA 94117; http://www.quantumloop.com

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