Irving Klaw Trio

Irving Klaw Trio

Utek Panhtoo Mogoi

Road Cone

Never mind that this is a quartet. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the title. And forget about trying to find anybody named Irving Klaw amidst the jazz funk haze that swells behind Road Cone closed doors. Irving Klaw Trio takes on the strenuous task of striving to accomplish too much within the constraints of rock. Klezmer and clown music, free jazz and stripped-down funk, Sun City Girl chants, noise, whatever they can sneak into the mix will find its way in. Some times this approach doesn’t work all that well, but when it does as on “Honduran Death Boat” (in which someone with about a 8 minute Spanish education takes on the crazed persona of a Honduran naval captain) it makes me grateful that they went to all the effort. Road Cone, P.O. Box 8732 , Portland, OR 97207

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