From the first complete listen of Amphibian it’s obvious that this developing artist is soon onto much bigger things. Touted by the label as the latest in “Nu SkoolBreakz” Amphibian comes off with more depth and intellect than can be summated in any buzzphrase.

Jay Roebuck, aka Mariner, is extremely skilled in the art of composing beautifully emotional music. “Naked Grass'” and its masterful keyboard line seems destined to bring miles of smiles at any big party. Just about every track goes off with energy not often heard in this particular genre. “How Ya’ll Feel Out There?” and “Our Lives” are hugely influenced by Icey, RITM Dynamix and other groundbreaking Florida artists. “Oceanic Smoke,” “Doppleganger” and especially the later tracks each have their hook or riff to reel you into music’s evolving panorama. Thankfully someone has taken note of this rapidly-evolving artist, facilitating his break into the big leagues. Godspeed. Intersound Inc., P.O. Box 1724, Roswell, GA 30077;

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