Pere Ubu

Pere Ubu


Tim Kerr

Once in a great while a band comes along that is nearly two full decades ahead of their time. Columbus rock deconstructionists Pere Ubu were the band that even the alternative ’80s couldn’t handle. Just listen to this uncompromisingly-produced album. Its raw approach and minimal song structures boast of drama not unlike the distant hope of winning that doublewide from the Jerry Springer video. Songs about stretches of rural highways “Wooly Bullie,” and unrequited love (“Highwaterville”), internet depression (“SAD.TXT”) and urban blight (“Urban Lifestyle”) highlight this glorious analogue recording. If art imitates life, Pennsylvania is the embodiment of all that which our society denies. Possibly the last great post-everything rock outfit of the alt.rock era. Dirty rock from America’s fearful farmland. Tim/Kerr Records, P.O. Box 42423, Portland, OR 97242;

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