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Liberation Day


Hard-hitting, head-banging, political rap centered on the “liberation “ of Puerto Rico. Musically and lyrically, this is mean-spirited rap designed to incite riots against whitey and his established order. To the sophomore student or poly-sci hobbyist, this is pretty powerful stuff: Ricanstruction sings about the whites’ war on Latinos, the white-caused Arab jihads, the white-induced anger of Louis Farrakhan, the white people who imprison and will soon murder Mumia Abu Jamal and the gnomish moneychangers who really run the world.

Frankly, though, I found the lot of it offensive to my sensibilities. There’s tremendous division amongst those living there about making Puerto Rico no longer a U.S. Territory. Ricanstruction does not speak for the whole of the island and perhaps the wrong people are going to hear their chants. Politically inept punks who don’t vote aren’t the right folks to whom this message should be preached, the right place is the wealthy, gated suburbs of the island itself! Either that or the Caribbean Students Association of the Florida Institute of Technology! CBGB Records, 315 Bowery, New York City, NY 10009

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