The Kill

The Kill



When the chance arose to review this record, I jumped at it because of the hype it’s being given by the local mid-day talk show hosts. For weeks I heard rave reviews, and coming from a heavy metal backgound (myself and David Lee Beowülf started the greatest metal show of all time, Brainhammer). I was excited to hear some local metal talent. But, and I must accent the but, I came away disappointed. What Matchbox 20 and Seven Mary 3 have done for alternative music, The Kill has done to metal. That is, using very generic riffs and lyrics to bastardize a genre of music. I get the same enjoyment listening to this as I do hearing cover bands in a bar. There is absolutely nothing original on this record, but that seems to be the standard with Central Florida bands that have contracts. The fact that the most popular mid-day show in Florida loves these guys surprises me, but then again, the leader of the show still thinks Kiss is a great band and the redneck comedian steals jokes from Steve Martin. Oh well, maybe it’s an Orlando thing to be unoriginal and bland. Forbidden Records, P.O. Box 555488, Orlando, FL 32855-5488;

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