The Living End

The Living End

Hellbound/It’s for Your Own Good


An excellent double-CD set of great punk rock, greaser-style. Checking the liner notes, it looks like this is an Australian import. Aussie greasers, eh? Well, it’s plenty of high-quality punk rockabilly, punk doo-wop (punk-wop?) and three-chord guitars and rockin’ melody. It’s on the order of a harder, more punk sounding Stray Cats or bands like the Turbo A.C.’s, Jack Black, and the rest of the punkabilly bands that hit the stages about three years ago. (Funny, it looks like this was released in 1995, three years ago, hmmm.) Anyway! The fine punk rock includes “English Army,” “Problem,” and a raging cover of the Cure’s “10:15 Saturday Night,” from It’s For Your Own Good and “Hellbound,” “Headlines,” and “Misspent Youth” off Hellbound. This is a good collection for anyone who likes a healthy dose of rock and roll in their punk rock. E-mail `em at

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