Tripping Daisy

Tripping Daisy

Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb


I always feel sorry for talented bands that score a hit with a novelty song, as Tripping Daisy did with “I Got A Girl.” Tripping Daisy has been swirling around for several years now (Island has to be commended for sticking by them in this era of “sign `em and drop `em”), pouring forth a savory blend of noise and pop. Though I wouldn’t say “I Got A Girl” sounds completely different from the rest of their material, it certainly isn’t representative. In fact, the hit seems to have done more harm than good, as a few people I know who would probably like this record wince when I mention Tripping Daisy (and begin singing parodies of “I Got A Girl”).

On to Jesus Hits. On this album, Tripping Daisy has matured into a full-on powerhouse. The band has fleeting moments of sound-alikeness — brief passages where they sound exactly like Camper Van Beethoven, Flop, the Beatles, the Flaming Lips, the Fastbacks, Pixies, Brainiac, and several other well-credentialed bands. Whether this is intentional or not is a mystery to me. The end result is quite enjoyable and completely original nonetheless, as a lot of times these moments are simultaneous, like in “Geearohdoubleyou,” where flute passages are interrupted by full-tilt drumming, lush harmonies, and a twisted surf bridge. Perhaps the most telling note is the last song, a remake of Brainiac’s “Indian Bingo” dedicated to late (car crash) Brainiac vocalist Timmy Taylor. The song is given a completely honorable treatment, showcasing the music world’s most undervalued loss. Brainiac, we hardly knew ye. Tripping Daisy, keep on growing. It can only get better.

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