Volume 8 — The Threat Is Real


How many albums is it for the “new” Anthrax? I think this is the third, didn’t they have one between The Sound of White Noise and now The Threat Is Real? I’m not bothering to look it up… I am definitely one of those metalheads who far and away preferred the Anthrax that gave us Among the Living and State of Euphoria to what sounded like an embracing of the more percussive, less melodic metal that had way too much appeal, which was hinted at too much on Persistence of Time. With the “departure” of singer Joey Belladonna and later on guitarist Dan Spitz, I was sure that Anthrax was slowly but surely rusting away. I have to say, though, that Anthrax, with each new release, re-invented themselves; just listen to the radical departure from Fistful of Metal to Spreading the Disease to the I’m the Man EP. Each new album showcases a new Anthrax.

The Threat Is Real is yet another incarnation of Anthrax and I am surprised to report that this current re-invention of the band is pretty darn amazing. The harder, percussive anti-melodic elements from The Sound of White Noise have been fused with powerful, heavy melodic guitars, producing incredible metal songs. “Crush” and “Catharsis,” the first two songs on the album, are aggressive metal anthems, perfectly matching John Bush’s vocals with Scott Ian’s guitar blitzkrieg. “Piss & Vinegar,” “Born Again Idiot” and “Alpha Male” sent surges of aggression pulsing through my spine -just like “oldschool” Anthrax would. Impressive and heavy. Time for everyone to embrace Anthrax and blast out your windows with this great new album. Ignition Records, New York, NY. (No other address given)

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