It’s been a long time for these lads from Indiana, but finally it seems they are back at it. Rumors flew a year or so ago about breakups and label problems. Some were true, some were not. Regardless, Chamberlain are back, and this time they are not afraid to be a little bit country. The two songs on this release are both good songs, the kind you sing on the job or in the shower. The beloved song crafting/writing of Chamberlain is back and better than ever. “Go Down Believing” is the first song, it kind of rocks in an anthemic way. The theme seems to be death, but more than just the fact of it. More like the choices we face on our journey to the grave from the cradle. It makes for a very uplifting piece of music. “Good Enough” is a love song of sorts. The sadness of the words are augmented by the addition of a piano and a pedal steel guitar for that lonely country ballad sound. I would have to say it is about time these boys got off their collective duffs and made more music like this. Good music, good lyrics, quality music. Doghouse Records, P.O. Box 8946, Toledo, OH 43623

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