Digital Information Ensemble

Would someone tell me how to get into the Mutant Sound System office? I’ve got three releases out of this label so far, and they ALL rock my world. The sticker on the case reads: “a wild hybrid of techno, house, hip-hop, trip-hop, and dub created using live musicians, singers, and DJ’s.” I’m not sure if I agree with all the references, but maybe it’s because when you start combining all those elements into one cohesive product, the lines get blurred, and you are left wondering where exactly one categorizes it. I’m not really into the categorizing of music until someone asks me for a description of the style. There is good, and then there is Digital Information Ensemble. Definitively original, and I’m going to watch the development of these guys. Be assured, if I find Mutant’s office there is going to be trouble. Every artist is going to be out on the road in town near you. Support the Indies and buy this now! Mutant Sound System, 67 Irving Place, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10033;

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