Song one is called “Florida Woman.” And it’s a disjointed mess of loud trash rock, wild jazz, and a bit of rockabilly. In other words, it’s excellent! Gizzard’s music has the sound of being recorded in a large garage, where they prime up for midnight drag races by banging out tunes on the walls. They jam, too, which makes this perfect driving music, like for a long ride across Alligator Alley or on the way up to see your Tallahassee Lassie. “Garden Deluxe” has that same, untamed sound of hot blood and gasoline pouring down the highway. Same goes for “A.M.” and “Ole Steel Teeth.” A lot of the album, though, sounds like Flipper with horns. Which is an interesting thing, if you know what I mean. Drazzig Records, P.O. Box 551454, Jacksonville, FL 32255.

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