Ian Gillan

Yes, folks, this Ian Gillan is the same guy as the vocalist for Deep Purple. During breaks between Deep Purple albums, Gillan has been composing and releasing his solo albums — Dreamcatcher is his eighth effort. This time around it’s a bit ironic that DP’s new album Abandon and Gillan’s solo effort are being released in the same time-frame. It’s also strange that this album was recorded in Liverpool, and re-mixed and mastered in Longwood, Florida!

Dreamcatcher sounds like a Deep Purple record, but not quite. His vocals are as slick and impressive as in any DP records, but the absence of other members of DP has really made a difference. (Roger Glover, bassist for DP, is on this record — as a photographer) One Steve Morris has played guitars and accompaniment. Morris, a virtuoso on the guitar, has done his job well, but he seems to be a bit too ready to step out for a guitar solo, or a shred-fill. Morris is quite versatile — plays some neat blues rock in “You Sold My Love For a Song” and slide guitar, besides the regular metal guitar — and original, with quite a handful of ingenious riffs in this album. All in all, this is a short album filled with fun songs and neat little catchy tunes.

Hi-lights: The bluesy “You Sold My Love For a Song,” catchy “A Day Late and a Dollar Short,” little Indian/East Asian-influenced “Chandra’s Coriander,” and many toe-tapper melodies. Forbidden Records, P.O.Box 555488, Orlando, FL 32855-5488; http://www.Forbiddenrecords.com

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