Il Juke-box Del Diavolo

I feel horrible: terrible actually. I was fortunate enough to receive this in the mail from an unnamed source. You can’t buy it in the States at all because it’s put out by an Italian label, and yet it’s filled with some of the greatest music I have heard on a compilation in months if not years. My ears were blessed with the beautiful sounds, both soft and heavy, of Here & Lydia Lunch, Phylr, Meathead, Homo Vibro, and Debord. I’d only heard one track before, with that being the “Sick Asp Fuck” Pigface remix, and now I have four more bands to attempt to track down and find material. There is also an unlisted track (#23) that is mind-blowing. It’s similar to some of the extremely fast tracks of Matera, a twist of Scorn, and some twisted ambiences/vocals that can only be blamed on some combination of Mick Harris, Mauro T. Teardo, and PCM (whom I have no clue on who is involved). My guess is it’s an unreleased Matera track or maybe it is PCM. Regardless, I am clueless, so I’m tacking on the address. Send them letters, money, anything you can to convince them to send you a copy. I’m still scratching my head on why no one has bothered to release this in the states. Fridge Records, via Rovigo 11, 20132 Milano — Italy

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