Logical Nonsense

Great extreme death metal with plenty of Slayer-esque blitzing riffs and lots of soulful grooving. That is, more death metal you can “dance” to. Most of the songs point the finger at hatred, destruction, greed, etc. all the crap that makes the world go around… Except…

Except for “Enemy Within” which could well be one of the most important songs recorded this year. Now what could this be about with a line like “Our movement being turned to mockery/point blank from within, trusted too many fucks, all that can be felt is pissed”? Could it be that someone is upset that the extreme music movement is “selling out”? “Destroy this fucking rock star bullshit,” they say, “lay you punks to sleep.” Boy, someone wasn’t being a hardcore team player to bring that one, hmmm? What are they fighting for anyway? (If there’s an enemy… ) Does the movement want recognition? Maybe, but maybe the “rock star bullshit” is making the punk false punk. Sounds like Logical Nonsense to me. A fine record, nonetheless.

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