Meat Beat Manifesto

I hate old MBM for some reason. It was that stale, flat, old school industrial that turned my stomach. Meat Beat Manifesto left that sound quite a bit ago, and with Actual Sounds and Voices they have obviously burned all the old material in a fire to the gods. Mixing a wonderful blend of live vocals, samples, heavy beats, and beautiful atmospherics we witness the birth of electronic bliss. With their last album, MBM packaged two CDs together to show the diverse and rather opposite aspects of their music. Now they have taken both of those CDs and played them together. Taking elements of their eclectic sounds, they have created a cohesive and beautiful world known to a select few as “head music.” It’s for the intelligent, the diverse, and most importantly changes with every listen. I haven’t a clue on the street date, so keep your eyes peeled.

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