No More

This Port Charlotte band just moved to Gainesville, and this twenty-song CD proves them a welcome addition to the town. In addition to the sixteen credited originals, there are 4 uncredited songs, yet the whole shebang clocks in under half an hour. Heck, even I can do that math — obviously these are pretty short and fast songs. Stylewise, it’s a poppy newschool speed session with lotsa fast bass runs and machine gun drumming, rather reminiscent of the original, pre-horn-section Less Than Jake sound, but with female backing vocals doing all those “whoa-oh-oh’s” over the Marshall’s roar. Another LTJ comparison comes in their choice of covers — No More has chosen Eighties cheese classics and rocked them up nicely (“Uptown Girl,” “Jesse’s Girl,” “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” and “99 Red Balloons”). Fun stuff, go get it. The CD lists their old Port Charlotte address, but you can get in touch with No More through Chris via E-mail at Or visit their webpage at

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