Not Dogs… Too Simple (A Tale of Two Kitties)

In this first of a planned series of children’s stories written by Mark and Clay Harper, an indoor cat named Luis falls in with a randy street cat named Shenanigans that she had met briefly at the ASPCA before being adopted. As the story progresses, Shenanigans comes up with a plan to switch places with Luis so that he can live her comfortable, opulent life and she can live out on the street and stop complaining about being a kept cat.

The cast line-up of the disc is like reading a “What Was Good About the Last 30 Years in Music” list. Ian Dury (the Blockheads) narrates the story and plays the part of Ali Cat, Moe Tucker (Velvet Underground) plays the part of Luis, and Cindy Wilson (B52’s) plays the part of Luis’ owner. Other participants on the disc include Kevn Kinney, Murray Attaway, and Glenn Phillips, to name a few.

Probably half of the disc is actual narration, while the other half is music. It’s just a crazy rock opera written by people who were once considered a bad influence on children by the mainstream, only to become cultural icons and parents themselves. Casino Music, 881 Ponce De Leon Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30306

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