Phunk Junkeez

I can’t say I have heard too many groups with as much variety in a rap album as the Phunk Junkeez. I just can’t help thinking back to all the people I’ve known who always said that rap isn’t music because it does not have real instruments.

Well, here you go guys. This is one of the best albums I’ve heard that mix rap vocals with either funk, hardcore or metal. Before I go on, I’m going beg everybody reading this review to go out and listen to the track “Hazee.” Its mellow beat, rhythm and harmony will make anybody a fan. Phunk Junkeez have a variety of moods, if you’re looking for music to listen to when you want to relax while drinking a beer in the sun after a day at work then try “Down Town.” If aerobic workouts for speed freaks are your thing then you can find it on this album on “Dead Beat.” Their combinations of electronics, heavy guitars and various rock-derived styles (or even a tidbit of jazz) should appeal to those of you with diverse tastes.

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