Good cyber-thrash-rap (cyber-rash?) that supplies the right kick and a good beating, er, make that a good “beat.” Pitchshifter is a band for hard-core web surfers. People who don’t just check the Dow every hour, but those who lurk on the web, the cyber squatters who know how to move in and out of “chats,” who kidnap a URL and collect the ransom… This bands has the anthems for all the hackers out there. Someone on the `net will key into songs like “2nd Hand,” “Disposable,” or “W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.” Although “What’s In It For Me?” should be lumped in there too. I applaud Pitchshifter’s benevolence; this is an enhanced CD: they’ve included fifty free samples, encouraging other cyberpunks to use on their musical projects. These samples are included as track 14 and sounds really, really strange! It’s like a Star Trek sound effects record gone astray! It’s got “zzzing,” “blip!,” “frizzle,” “1-2-3-4,” “C’mon” and “glop!”

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