Robert Fripp

At first, utter silence, disbelief. You are in the outer darkness. There is no escape. You have no control. The terror, the pressurelessness. Tragic, comforting. A slow galactic tumble through space and appropriety.

This is not your everyday ordinary Frippertronics disc. I feel not just new ground but new galaxy being broken here. If you’re free this is definitely a ticket to a new place.

Gates of Paradise falls into the genre of Eno’s Nasa soundtracking Apollos and Atmospheres or David Byrne’s neo-classical The Forest in spirit, although not necessarily the same styles sonically, mentally, or atmospherically.

Fripp puts it better than any: “Soundscape performances are an ongoing sense of discovery which is the aim of finding ways in which intelligence and music, definition and discovery, courtesy and reciprocation may enter into the act of music for both music and audience.

“Perhaps Paradise is not what we expect it to be, and may itself be a Gate.”; (213)-937-3194

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