The Neon Judgement

When Test Dept’s Totality was released in the states via Invisible, I noticed a small little logo on the back for kK Records. I decided that I needed to look into this “import” label and see what else they had available. My search ended when I was hand-delivered the vinyl-only Totality 2: The Genius Remixes over two years ago. Now I am feeling like a complete jerk and idiot. The Neon Judgement is exactly in that vein I was so desperately seeking. DAZSoo is a beautiful combination of live and electronic instrumentation combined with solid vocals throughout the album. So now I have to seek out kK Records again to see if I can’t find any other releases by TNJ or any other artist on kKR. More than likely I’ll end up spending too much money on import-only CDs again, but rest assured, I’m not going to loose any sleep over it. So give them a chance. You just might like it. Chipie Records/kK Records America, 619 Martin Ave. Unit 1, Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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