The Randumbs

Excellent, stupid punk rock from this Sonoma, California band of good-for-nothings! Oh the horrible childhoods these lads must had, what with names like Skip Skool, Will Flunk, Les Smart, and Stew Pid. I guess they weren’t the brightest kids…

Their music is straight outta angstland and full of neo-snot nosed anarchy, with a bit of today’s headlines. “Dumpster Baby,” while covering the epidemic of young moms tossing out their babies on prom night, is a roaring punk rock middle finger to the straightlaced folks that’s bound to make everyone sick… “Dumb Guy” is a biting discourse on poor studying habits and their rewards (“I used my diploma to wipe my ass/ I guess my brains are packed full of shit… “). “Don’t Care” is a punk stab at those members of our society who would rather push a shopping cart full of aluminum cans all day. Which might not be a bad thing, according to the Randumbs, as “… take a look at me/ I work for beer!”

There are seventeen more excellent three-chord punk songs on this fine album. All of which, I might add, is designed to be played loud. GMM Records, P.O. Box 15234, Atlanta, GA 30333

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