My favorite records seem to be the ones I have the most difficulty describing. This is so rad, definitely one of my favorite records in a while. I had picked up the Josie 7″ a while ago because there was an ex-Crayon/Six Cents & Natalie person involved and liked it well enough, but this is a whole different degree of liking. The Crayon reference holds true a tiny bit, but there’s no doubt that this is another band entirely. The songs are fuller, better developed, and just don’t sound like Crayon songs. Both bands do share a similar trait, however: wonderful plow-ahead musical naiveté soaked in catchy pop hooks and adorable charm. By musical naiveté I’m not saying they can’t play — they do just fine, but there’s something rough-hewn and untamed amidst all the pop charm. Listen and you’ll here it; it’s a pain to describe. Add in wide-eyed, heart-penned lyrics, tambourine, keyboard, boy/girl vocals, and a knack for being catchy and you have a wonderful album. Very recommended. If I had heard this before they had come to Gainesville with Bunnygrunt I would have skipped work and made the trip, but now I’m just forced to kick myself for missing it. If anyone has copies of the show or just wants to tease me, get in touch. Cher Doll Records, P.O. Box 23333, Seattle, WA 98102; http://tiger-town.com/tullycraft

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