El Scorcho

El Scorcho

Volume #1

A finely-constructed zine by Monica Stone, featuring an Ani DiFranco at House of Blues live concert review/news update, Orlando’s Chakra interview, and plenty of local and national CD reviews. Also included are two brief investigative reports on “What Does It Mean To Be Punk?” and “What is a Sell-Out?,” both of which tend to remain on the more friendly and secure end of the teenage-alienation spectrum (ending with a smile, not a sneer… ) Be forewarned: This is not the work of a depressed, confused adolescent seeking similarly unhappy, dirty kids to play mind games with (except maybe for the contributor poetry, which is pretty damn dark… ) Overall, a lively and respectable endeavor. MEOW! To contribute art/stories/reviews/ideas OR to obtain a free copy, contact el-scorcho@gurlmail.com

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