From the Publisher

From the Publisher

Online Ho!

November marks a couple of milestones for our website. First, we have finally completed all the necessary technical geekery for placing our concert calendar online. Part of the delay has been the need to develop an efficient way of translating our database into functional HTML, but another large part has been finding someone trustworthy who could handle updates a bit more frequently than monthly. Fortunately, Andrew Chadwick, who has been entering our data monthly, is willing to update things every couple of days, so you can now look online for the latest and most accurate information on what’s going on in live music in the Southeast. Our online calendar contains not only the freshest gigs, but also complete listings across all four of our editions — check it out at

The other important development is the establishment of regular online columns. This may not sound like a big deal just yet, but it is the first content that we’ve developed exclusively for our web site. We already have quite a few pieces online for October, which served as a sort of public test run. Dark’s Corner, penned by Bing Futch, examines happenings and interests in the Orlando music and arts scene; Bing serves up a fresh chunk of text weekly. Inconvenience Store, by James MacLaren, is a vitriolic look at the several subspecies of subhuman that frequent MacLaren’s little 24-hour pocket of the universe. I tip my hat at these two pioneers of our online forum; look for these and more to come at


We goofed twice in captioning the photos for Atlantis ’98 last month. The photo identified as Stuck Mojo is actually Jeffrey Butts from Shock Lobo. Also, it’s not Lunar Plexus, it’s Melissa Mileski, from Atlanta’s own Underwater. We apologize to all the bands involved…

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