Fly Tulipwood and Fly Butternut

Fly Tulipwood and Fly Butternut

Limited Edition Guitars


Parker Guitars is introducing two new Fly “Limited Edition” guitars. Every one will be autographed and numbered by Ken Parker. The Parker Fly Tulipwood model will be limited to 35 instruments, each constructed of a single, solid piece of tulipwood quartersawn from large trees native to the eastern U.S. Each guitar shows light figuring running perpendicular to its wide grain, which is enhanced by a lush transparent emerald finish. The Transparent Green Fly Tulipwood “Limited Edition” has a list price of $3125 including a hardshell case. The Parker Fly Butternut “Limited Edition” guitar is made of beautifully grained butternut, a hardwood indigenous to the eastern U.S. A limited run of 50 of these one-of-a-kind instruments have been made. Available in a clear finish, the Fly Butternut “Limited Edition” has a list price of $3350, including a hardshell case. Both the Fly Tulipwood “Limited Edition” and Fly Butternut “Limited Edition” share the same features that have made the revolutionary Parker Fly guitars so popular since their inception. These include 24 spring-tempered, stainless-steel frets (which far outlast conventional frets), active-piezo pickup system and DiMarzio magnetic pickups. The guitars feature controls for Master Volume, Magnetic Tone, Magnetic Volume, Piezo Volume, and Piezo Tone. Parker Guitars, 316 South Service Rd., Melville, NY 11747

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