I Love It!


Yes I love it! Yes I do! You can tell these boys have their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks. During the opening track, “Welcome to Our CD,” they even have a hard time not busting a gut at the sheer hysterical nature of doing a “modern” Two Live Crew stand-up comedy act. They are Porno Rappers, and DJ Fucar lends a hand by guest rapping and scratching on “The Trouble with Women.” OBNO rules! On a quick jaunt across the track names we see things like “Butt Sandwich,” “The Nippleclip Man,” “Big Fat Hairy Lung,” and “Maracaballs.” Come on America, have a sense of humor for once. You can’t help but roll around on the floor in complete hysteria wondering if your sides are going to split wide open. With all this obsession over one man’s sex life while in office, this album just might become White House “house music.” Anyone know how to get to a stereo in the Oval Office? Davies Productions, 7275 Maxwell, Warren, MI 48091;

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