Chris Thomas King

Chris Thomas King

Red Mud

Black Top

When your father is a bona fide Louisiana swamp-blues legend, expectations can run critically high. Chris Thomas King must face his father’s success every performance, every project as he strives for his own musical voice. Red Mud fuses King’s original work with that of some blues pioneers. Robert Johnson and Son House are tributed by fresh interpretations of the blues classics, while his own vision fills out the rest of Red Mud.

His father, Tabby Thomas, reprises his own “Hoodoo Party” with his rising son and perhaps the benchmark of them all, “Alive,,” is a chilling anthem of oppression that captures the essence of a great story-teller. Red Mud is really a young man beckoning to be heard and a passionate thanks to the bluesmen before him. Black Top, 2103 N.Decatur Rd., Suite 210, Decatur, GA 30033

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