Cinematique: Scenes from a Movie

Cinematique: Scenes from a Movie

Various Artists


Rather than a straightforward compliation, this seems to be an attempt at creating an imaginary soundtrack, similar to Barry Adamson’s last few outings. However, the mixture of artists provides a wholly different feel, as they range from outright funk (the London Funk Allstars’ “The Chase”) to subtle incidental jazz (Hedfunks’ “The Dawn”). Other tracks are not as easy to classify — No Sé’s “I Said” sounds like a bionic Ramsey Lewis piece. There’s also several uses of cinematic sounds, such as the horse carriage at beginning of “An Unmarked Grave.”

Cinematique is a solid collection of music, and furthermore gives the unlimited pleasure of imagining the strange plot of this non-existent film. I’m sure there’s a man, and a woman, and a journey south of the border, where things eventually end — probably not ideally, but at least conclusively. Shadow Records, 111 E. 14th St. #334, New York, NY 10003

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