Back On A Mission


Cirrus’ sophomore effort finds them functioning as a three-piece with a live show that is set to storm the states on this year’s Moonshine Over America Tour. For those who can’t witness their performance, Back on a Mission should suffice. It’s more of the in-your-face yet melodic breakbeat sound that initially launched their career with their first single, “The Future,” which was released nearly a year and half before DJ Ellis Dee’s track that bore a coincidental if not eerie resemblance to theirs.

“Back… ” as a title track got the remix hype from DJ Dan and AK 1200. “The Answer” is a melodic and more subtle number that can sit next to prog. break tracks or full-on big beats. The album’s production is better than ever, and should have more than just ten tracks. “Stop & Panic” vocals morph while astride a portamento and swirling trance line that is the equivalent of a digital tornado on a 10 strip of Berkeley blotter. Clean, decisive and remotely abstract. “Abba Zabba” is a fun track that tones down the initial shock of Cirrus’ newfound potency and delivery as the left coast’s new school of beat driven deck wreckers. Overall, Back on a Mission is a well developed project that should be heard and not read. Recommended Moonshine Music, 8525 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069

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