Love, Billy EP

Fueled By Ramen

I remember seeing Billy Bragg on 120 Minutes circa 1988, and being thoroughly annoyed at this political folk singer with the hefty English twang taking up the airwaves. I was in junior high and awake seeking noisier, edgier music. Billy Bragg seemed to be constantly on, and I just didn’t understand.

Love, Billy is a CD EP of five Billy Bragg covers (“Accident Waiting to Happen,” “Waiting For the Great Leap Forward,” “A Pict Song,” “Help Save the Youth of America,” and “North Sea Bubble”). While I don’t know how Discount’s interpretations fare in comparison with the original versions, I do know that this has totally captivated me. The songs all have an anthemic feel, and Billy Bragg’s lyrics are the kind that send shivers and make me think. Musically it shouldn’t surprise Discount fans too much — still melodic and catchy, just more political and revolutionary. Without hearing the originals, it seems they fit into these songs well — this is my favorite thing to listen to right now. And Billy Bragg albums are on the shopping list. Fueled By Ramen Records, P.O. Box 12563, Gainesville, FL 32604

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