DJ Hardware

DJ Hardware

Phunky Beats from the Vault Vol. 2


Oh boy, does DJ Harware know how to spin some vinyl. Somebody needs to tell me where and when this cat is dropping beats off the plastic in a club. This album was compiled and master mixed on two turntables and a mixer. It sounds so good that you can even hear the needle pop on occasion, and that is a sound I very much want to hear these days. I’m tired of all this super-production digital mixing that renders any sense of “liveness” obsolete. It’s only the big boys that have those toys, and quite frankly, the same energy can be pulled off the plates and spun live. I need a few more thumbs in my recommendations for this release. If you don’t pick this one up, shame on you. At least look for some other releases mixed by DJ Hardware, because the guy is just amazing. Warlock Records, 122 East 25th St., New York, NY 10010

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