Meet Your Evil Twin

Radio Mafia

Sexcellent album cover: leather-clad sultry porn star with devil horns on her head. Another one I had no idea what to expect. They’re a three-girl, one-boy band with a sort of minimalist erotic-goth look about them.

So, in for a spin it goes, and goes, and goes! One thought: this is the female equivalent of the Damned.

Hey, I know that’s a heavy compliment, and if people are going to take me seriously as a critic, I’d better be right on this one. I think I am. Lyrically, Doppelganger sing about lonely, ghostly things on songs with titles like “Modern Angel,” “Blue Mary,” “Melancholy Is Red,” and “Insane Tonight.” Very goth song titles, I think. Musically, well, I call `em like I hear `em, and they have a perfect melodic goth-punk sound. They’re not trying to sound ethereal or affect some pop sound at all, they stick to punk and those tried-and-true power chords.

They also have a wicked sense of the bizarre, which manifests itself best on “Sanctuary,” where they include samples of Michael York saying “There is no Sanctuary” from Logan’s Run. It’s pretty strange, but still edgy punk rock. All in all, I highly recommend Meet Your Evil Twin as it is a stellar example of talented punks going with a sound they obviously love and recording this dynamite album. Plus they’re hotter than sunburn and I would like to meet them — the guy can stay home. Radio Mafia Records, P.O. Box 2584, Toluca Lake, CA 91610

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