Drum and Bliss

Drum and Bliss

Various Artists


I’m puzzled as to where to place this album. It is a four track EP featuring four different artists. The uniting force comes from a sort of drum and bass influence, but I would hesitate to recommend it to any and all drum and bass enthusiasts. It has a rather house feel one moment, then it’s a heavier trance sound, then it walks off into a very electronic sound. As if most drum and bass doesn’t already have an electronic feel to it. I would have to describe it to you as the music that you begin to unwind to in the evening. It places you into a relaxed and comfortable state of being. Maybe my head music term would be best used here. If you can grasp the idea that some music is geared towards altering your head towards a higher level of brain wave activity, then that is head music. A nice album to place into your collection. I’m going to have to search out the full albums by each of the individual artists to gain a better appreciation for what is contained here. Wish me luck on my journey. I’ll report back what I find. Darla Records, 625 Scott #301, San Francisco, CA 94117; http://www.darla.com

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