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Endlessnessism is the firstborn in a new style of mix CDs. What makes this double CD so compelling and fresh is that one track is taken at the starting point, and then is remixed by a new artist in succession until all sixteen artists have their fingers in engineering a evolving flavor. The only constant followed throughout the CD is that each musician must take a sound or riff from the previous song and use it in their song. So keep your ears open and your mind tuned, and try to trace the sounds as the two hours of Endlessnessism moods the room. A few of the artists are Funky Porcini, Jimpster, Spacer, Hab, As One, and Quant. The album is packed from beginning to end with fused styles, you should find it filed away in the record store under psychodynamicambientjazzbreakdrumelectrobassfunktekno.

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