Far From Within

Far From Within

Far From Within

I Eat My Own Vomit

The entire industry/academic world of abnormal psychology could examine this album and write a monograph on aggressive post-teenage frustration. Far From Within, in their extreme metal onslaught, don’t just vent their problems, they transmit them in such a way that the listener is no longer a passive participant, but actually experiences the pain.

“Succor,” which appears to be about a relationship gone wrong, is a perfect example. Singer Tim Montera unleashes the seething pit of jealous (?) hatred that is his soul in this brutal tale about watching his ex with another man. It’s painful, both on the ears and in the heart. Or maybe a white-hot darning needle, of infinite length, thrust through your spine. The rest of this EP (four songs in all) is just as painful, with shotguns to the face about parents and the impossible struggle for respect in the world of dickhead adults. I recommend this for those looking for new extremes in metal; only for the bravest of the brave. I Eat My Own Vomit Music, , , ; http://www.arcticnightfall.com/ffw

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