Front Line Assembly

Front Line Assembly



Thank you, Bill and Chris. You have served to finally raise me up to being a devoted fan of FLA once again. No more of that banal guitar noise. Re-Wind is probably the best set of FLA remixes ever put onto a CD. At times I find myself playing a game figuring out where the samples come from: Chemical Brothers, Philth, A Duck, Future Sounds of London, Test Dept., the Crystal Method, etc etc. Those of you that don’t think FLA can do this need to pick up Re-Wind and hear one of the first successful blends of Industrial and Techno. After all, the only real difference these days is one has distorted vocals and the other doesn’t. Collide is quickly becoming one of my favorite industrial acts though, both with their own material and their remixes. On disc two, they take FLA to new levels by re-recording the vocals with feminine power. The Eat Static remix included here blows away the version found on Comatose. Yes, I would have to say that any and all new FLA releases will come into my home from here on out. Let’s not talk about tours. I might become a FLAhead for a bit just to experience this stuff up close and personal. Metropolis Records, P.O. Box 54307, Philadelphia, PA 19105;

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