Every Day I Wish You Harm


This is a case of cover artwork being a perfect depiction of the band’s lyrical scenarios. Two lovers embrace entwined in barbed wire, each ready to plunge a knife into the other’s back. Hankshaw’s lyrics deal with relationship bitterness in a starkly honest fashion. When the vocal mantra “… I wish you would die… ” is raised at the end of the title song, it is like they are championing the cause of everyman/woman who might have just gotten the pinkslip from their significant other. This is therapy for those who are experiencing unrequited hatred or just plain bitterness. The most striking thing about Hankshaw at first listen is Harold’s voice. While most emo/rock-core bands have singers who sound good because they scream well, few really have the voice to pull off real honest to god singing. Not so in Hankshaw’s case. The voice is pleasant enough that you may almost forget that he is singing “… before I make it six feet deep/ I hope that you die in your sleep… ” or something equally as unkind. The singing is augmented by musicianship that is solid as a rock and definitely not afraid to try something different. Whether it be basslines that go walking or guitar chords that invert an inversion or a drumbeat that accents a little bit differently, the band really doesn’t play it like everyone else does. For this, they should be thanked. In addition to the three new songs on this CD, there is a cover of Pat Benatar’s 80s classic “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” which is toned down and given a treatment with a few eclectic instruments. This CD comes highly recommended. http://www.hankshaw.com Doghouse Records, P.O. Box 8946, Toledo, OH 43623

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