High Llamas

High Llamas

Lollo Rosso EP


Seven remixes whose brilliance brings new meaning to the word “remix.” Requiring that his surgeons come from a “harmony background” (rather than a club background), lead Llama Sean O’Hagan has commissioned quite an interesting set of medical experiments, with stunning results. While the sounds could be deconstructed into their points of interest, it should suffice to say that the overall results are about the most intricate and warm remixes I’ve ever heard. The High Llamas’ densely melodic sound, full of swelling chord changes and unusual instrumentation, would probably disintegrate into meaningless orchestral stabs without the subtle guidance of these cats (Mouse on Mars, Cornelius, Schneider TM, Jim O’Rourke, Kid Loco, Stock Hausen and Walkman, and the High Llamas themselves). Instead, this packs more musical and production ideas into seven tracks than most major labels see come through in a year. Recommended for any musician. Period. V2 Records, 14 East 4th Street, New York, NY 10012

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