Burnt Hair

From the label that takes more chances than a $3 whore at Times Square comes the debut LP by Poughkeepsie’s Hopewell. This is a good alternative acid rock outfit that slowly spins its songs into an elaborate tapestry of sounds via guitar, bass, and drums. The intentionally lax vocals are reminiscent of ’80s shoegazers such as earliest-era Echo & The Bunnymen and the like. Over the course of the disc, the delivery becomes a bit more focused. Early Pink Floyd Saucerful Of Secrets and Piper at the Gates of Dawn references are inescapable. Music fans of acid, or as they call it in Detroit, “space rock,” should find Contact interesting and somewhat endearing. Not bad; it should be taken into consideration the band’s close proximity to Woodstock, NY as they are probably sons and daughters of cultural protagonists of that era. Burnt Hair Records, P.O. Box 5519, Dearborne, MI 48125

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