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The Bullys


Talk about great punk in the total DIY spirit, look out for the Bullys! How can anyone play new, original punk rock in this era of swing and tone-deaf pop? Miracles still happen, and the Bullys are proof! I caught them live about three months ago and was floored, just like everyone else in the club… As someone said, “they’ve got the New York Dolls’ sound down, man.” I’ll add that they’ve got the classic punk, L.A.M.F. spirit of all the classic New York City trash punks. And considering that Stomposition was produced by Marky Ramone, what else could be expected?

I must credit the DIY approach taken by the Bullys: they play out every week, give the fans a great show of their own punk rock songs, and they want everyone to have this album, which is pretty much available exclusively at their shows (or if you call them at 718-366-3395). Now, for the songs: one thing the band has is a good gimmick; they’re the town/school/park/etc. bullies. That is, they’ll extort dimes from other kids, beat up the geeks, smoke cigarettes in the hallways, and for some reason, all the sixth grade chicks want them. They’re mean and scary, which they glorify on their theme song entitled simply “Bullys.” “I’m a Boy” contains one of the greatest punk lines I’ve heard in a long time: “I’m a boy/ I like to pick my nose/ and wipe it on my clothes… “ Only years of heavy Ramones and Dictators influences could result in a line of such brilliant stupidity! Other songs to be beat up by or have your books thrown down the stairs to include “Egomaniac,” “Staring Me Down,” “Damn,” and “Can’t Wait (Til it’s Over).” I’m telling you this is one of the best punk albums of the year! The Bullys, P.O. Box 580, Midtown Station, New York, NY 10018

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