Honestly, I was prepared for disappointment when I received this CD. It looks so typical of everything coming out these days that I was ready to prejudge at the drop of a hat. Fortunately, a very mature side of me emerged, and told me to give these rockers a chance. The four songs on this CD proved that side of me both right and wrong. I like what they are doing a lot. It is rock-n-roll in the vein of, say, Shift at their grooviest. The first song is featured on the Doghouse compilation that came out recently, which actually stood out on the comp pretty well considering it was among such company as Falling Forward and Chamberlain. “Divide Us” is just a good ole love song, as is “Forever,” which may be headed to classic status if its popularity is any gauge. The CD ends too abruptly with “Lover’s Quarrel,” a longer song which is just as catchy as the rest of the songs collected here.

The band’s label, Doghouse, is grabbing bands and releases like there is no tomorrow, and the quality control isn’t fading much. My only beef (irony, I am a veg.) against this particular CD is the packaging, which sees fit to omit lyrics to the last two songs and has rather obvious artwork. I can handle the small stuff, this is good music. Doghouse Records, P.O. Box 8946, Toledo, OH 43623

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