Julie Ruin

Julie Ruin

Julie Ruin

Kill Rock Stars

Bikini Kill is dead. Long live Julie Ruin! There was no small amount of dismay when Bikini Kill disbanded. It was a no-brainer that Kathleen Hannah would get a new project going. But if anyone thought that her new band would simply be Bikini Kill 2, you were sorely misinformed. Going under the possibly cryptic name Julie Ruin, Ms. Hannah has broken free of the specter and constraints of the queen of the Riot Grrrls, and has produced a hypnotic and important piece of work that is easily the best record of the year. Blending such diverse musical elements as punk, Brit pop, surf, and hip-hop into a cohesive style is no easy task, but Julie Ruin pulls it off, ct matter. She has taken recording techniques and instrumentation considered beneath today’s musicians and used them to create something far better than all the computerized perfection has been able to achieve, avoiding the ever-present dangers of kitsch or parody. Granted, a number of artists have already plumbed these depths, but haven’t achieved quite the same potency of results. Julie Ruin is a truly remarkable record from a remarkable artist, who continues to grow in the face of powerful forces who would be very happy for her to remain in that cocoon and deliver Pussy Whipped over and over again. Kill Rock Stars, 120 NE State St. #418, Olympia, WA 98501

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