Little Princess

Little Princess

Forever Tube


“If breakbeat science was a class at school, Little Princess would be the retardo in the back doing a remix of the hum coming from the air conditioner.” By far the BEST written line for promoting yourself. Hysterical, original, and straight forward blatantly honest. Little Princess is Davin Brainard (of noise performance terrorists Princess Dragon-Mom) and Warren Defever (of 4AD recording artists His Name is Alive) playing home-made audio mayhem. I am a lover of noise of all types and this is no exception. If you have enjoyed Warren’s rather interesting styles over the years, then you will love this rather bizarre combination of “minimalist electronica and locked groove noisetronics.” Don’t say I didn’t warn you about my love of noise. This is not for everyone, it’s just that some “understand” the joyous nature of chaos theory in music. Davies Productions, 7275 Maxwell, Warren, MI 48091;

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