Mixmag Presents

Mixmag Presents “The Takeover Bid”

Round One by Aphrodite, Round Two by Mickey Finn


UK underground bible Mixmag’s succsesful label’s licensing of Finn & Aphrodite’s Urban Takeover label for it’s latest installments seems like an excellent means of turning the ever fickle American market onto the sounds of jungle and drum & bass. Billed as “jump up beats” Finn’s disc’s is instantly likable due in part to his occasional mixing in of Terra Deva’s vocal from Furry Phreaks “Soothe (Prisoners of Technology dub).” He takes some chances and throws the fader back and forth in a couple of places which helps give the program an organic feel.

The music overall is tight and the mixing while nothing ear shattering is enjoyable enough to leave you glowing with energy. to get you to the next afterhours. Finn’s disc has two exclusive tracks A Sides “On The Streets (Kenny Ken remix)” and the scorching DJ Brockie & Ed Solo “Represent.” Other high points occur the when he’s scratching during the funky cut by Prisoners of Technology “One Two,” sportin’ a retro treatment of the it’s bassline and JB era vocal sample. Mixing into DJ Krust of Reprazent’s “Warhead” he’s fiddles with the EQ effectively messing with the mind and picking up the pace. Of note to collectors is that the promo version lists Moby’s “Honey” but is actually a different artist entirely. That may be something that might push the avid junglist over the edge and actually pursue this fierce mix by one of the founders of the UK D&B scene.

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